Training of Teachers At CPS (Hadapsar)

Cygnet Public School & Junior College believes that learning is a lifelong process and the process of learning make teachers efficient in their profession. Taking cognizance of this, the wide array of workshops and seminars are arranged.
To name a few, the A.Y. 2017-18 started with ‘Motivational Workshop’ for teachers, which was conducted by Dr. Sapna Agarwal. She is an academician with 17 years of experience in leadership skill, Training & development.
To continue, the next workshop was based on ‘Teaching of Maths’: In this workshop teachers learnt Mind Mapping and worksheets and activities for Higher Order Thinking. The resource person was Mrs. Pradnya Gokhale who has been very successfully conducting workshops for ‘Pedagogy of Maths’ across India.
Cygnet Public School also organized ‘Activity Based’ workshop for the subject-science. It was organized by ‘Next Gen’ to untold the pedagogy in a very valuable way.
The textbook of Std. VII & IX are new with a lot of favourable changes. The teachers of CPS attended workshops to implement the new textbooks. These workshops were organized for all the subject teachers by the Edn. Dept. ZP, Pune.
The Cygnet Public School is switching over to CBSE from 2018-19. To alleviate the teacher, the knowledge base and performance and to have a better edge, the teachers have undergone training by the resource persons from CBSE.
Teachers have been guided through these training programs to help students achieve better and better.


“I Read I Forget I Do I Remember”

“Science does not knows country, because knowledge belongs to humanity and is the torch which illuminates the world.”-Louis Pasteur.

Pasteur is very true, that science is a topic through which we experience many things by observing various facts from our universe and surrounding to enhance the knowledge of teachers and students .

Now a days conducting Science workshop is very important with the point of view of:
1) Improving students understanding of Science..
2) Developing practical skills in use of equipment and devices.
3) Developing understanding of scientific enquiry.

Cygnet Public School & JR. College organized a Science workshop on 5th June 2017. Miss. Manisha Devi, Mr. Ziauddin patel, Mr. Vikram Bane and Miss. Supriya Gade introduced teachers with ‘Next Education Science Kit’. The teachers with their valuable practical concepts of Science which help students in future. It was very useful for teachers.

‘Science Education Kit’ which was introduced is a new step in the field of practical teaching with live experiments. Education Science Kit is an innovative solution incorporating the experimental learning to promote active science learning among students. Research shows that when student is actively involved in the learning process the rate of retention of knowledge is almost double than when he is just listening and seeing. This kit develops.
1)Personalized learning
2) Develops higher order thinking skills

Teachers learnt how to give first hand experience to the students to make their scientific concepts clear. It gave an opportunity to the teachers to learn.


Orientation programme is a good platform to address some academic issues/challenges/problems/ doubts etc. that support the stake holders to get deeper understanding on subjects and concepts. In connection with the same thought, it was also a need from Cygnet Public School’s teachers to experience such platform as they were finding out few solutions to overcome with some pedagogical implications while dealing with Math during their classes.

It was the workshop conducted by Mrs.Pradnya Nitin Gokhale, who has conducted several workshops in schools across India on activity-based teaching and learning in mathematics. The workshop was based on:- 1. current need of the school 2. To create environment receptive while teaching Math 3.To help learn Maths 4. mind mapping and planning a lesson in holistic way was a prior effort of workshop, was initially done which put a sturdy base for the teachers on learning, planning and visualizing classes.

Objectives of this workshop were • To equip the teachers with varieties of activities in teaching and learning especially in Math and English. • To strengthen the teachers in planning and visualizing lesson. • Preparing concept /mind map, designing worksheet and knowing learning gaps.

The workshop helped to arouse curiosity among young learners, to create love for mathematics and to show how to approach mathematical problems. It was a successful program in which teachers participated. Different activities were given to the teachers to solve difficult concepts in maths. She had taken different High Order Thinking Activities in this workshop.This was a very positive outcome, since there is a general feeling that teachers (even of 11th and 12th classes) concentrate only on routine teaching, which is basically examination oriented, and are rather indifferent to a movement of good mathematics education.

This feeling is for teachers of many schools, but not naturally of all schools. Together with a knowledgeable facilitator, teachers reflected on their areas of expertise and areas in which they want to improve and identify their goals for the workshop, including goals for learning mathematics content and exploring new pedagogical practices.Thus this workshop ended with the vote of thanks by Mrs.Kavita Kamble.


Motivation is that key which can open up lost souls. It is something which has made miracles come alive in varied lives of people. Whenever you feel low motivation is something which can pull you up by igniting your heart with rays of hope. It is an essential.

Part of our lives.

In the realm of various effective workshops for teachers, Mrs.Varsha Kokil, Principal organized motivational workshop for the staff of Cygnet Public School.  The pleasant morning of 7th June 2017 brought with it an opportunity for the faculty members of Cygnet Public School  to meet a personality of distinct vision who had portrayed the beautiful word into her awe-inspiring words. It was an over-whelming experience for all to have a talk with one of the most honored and talented personality,  Dr.Sapna Agarwal. She is an astute academician, dynamic and socially active with qualitative experience of 17 years in knowledge management and Armed forces background with core competency in leadership skills, values, Training and Development,  Knowledge Management, Child Psychology, Science and its spiritual understanding. She believes that education deforms and innovative methodology can create wonders.

The main focus of the workshop was the effective teaching techniques in the class room.  This workshop was attended by all teachers of classes. I to XII of Cygnet Public School. Dr. Agarwal taught easy ways to streamline one’s thoughts. She taught various effective and interesting techniques of teaching. She told the teachers to find their strength and assets and feel good about their self because only when one is happy with oneself they will be able to reinstate that into happy classrooms. The sessions were quite interesting, engaging and enriching which gave the entire gathering lot of thoughts to reflect upon.  It was very informative and effective workshop at all. She took many ‘High Order Thinking Activities’. She guided teachers to enter in classroom as a speaker.Thus the successful seminar ended with the light of different techniques (teaching) in teacher’s mind and ended on happy note.


An orientation program on X-SEED curriculum was conducted for the parents of Pre-Primary section at Cygnet Public School on 8th July 2016; Mr. Mahesh Prajapati (Resource Manager) conducted the workshop.

He introduced the X-SEED   living knowledge system which includes complete learning and teaching structure. He also discussed the importance of the 5 A, s (Aim, Action, Analysis, Application and Assessment).Parents were briefed about the various activities happening in the school and the objectives of those activities.

Finally parent’s queries were attended; the program ended on a good note.

Teacher’s Training Workshop

A Teacher Training workshop was arranged on 12th July 2016 for the Pre Primary Teachers at Cygnet Public School. Mr.Mahesh Prajapati  (Resource Manager) conducted the workshop and motivated the teachers to use 5 A,s (Aim, Activity, Analysis, Apply, Assess) in the teaching methodology.

The workshop was aimed at preparing educators to understand the soul of X-seed curriculum, so that they could implement it effectively in the classroom.

            It was a valuable and nice experience for all present there

Personality Development Program For The Teachers

Being Stress free
Being Stress free

Mind your Minds
Mind your Minds

Induction Program For Teachers 2015-16

Cygnet Public School & Jr. college reopened on 15th June 15. Almost 30 teachers joined in Pre-Primary , Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary  Section .The induction program  was conducted in the seminar hall.

On behalf of the institution the principal welcomed all the new teachers to the JSPM family. She congratulated the staff of the school & college for the 100% result of std X & XII.

The teachers were  oriented toward  the  work ethos of the institution by the principal Mrs. Varsha Kokil .They were  informed about the rules and regulation to be followed during teaching and otherwise.

She appealed to all to follow the best teaching practices & gave best wishes to all the teacher for the academic year 2015-16.


Std XI – Online Admissions Parents Orientation Programs

Cygnet Public School & Jr. College organized Parent Orientation Programs on 3rd June 2015, in seminar hall. The Program is inaugurated by Principal of CPS & Jr. College Mrs.Varsha Kokil.

Mrs. Kalpana Nilakhe, Vice Principal oriented parents about the do’s & don’t to be followed for filling up the online forms for admission to std XI.

She appealed to the parents to follow the instructions given to avoid the complications & get thrown out of the admission process.

She actually used one user Id to login on website and went on step by step to explain the procedure. Parents appreciated the efforts taken by Cygnet Public School & Jr. College.

For the help extended to them


PRE-PRIMARY SECTION – Teacher orientation about the xseed curriculum

As XSEED Syllabus is being introduced for pre- primary for all the subjects, the workshop was organized for the teachers on 1st June, 2015. Mrs. Varsha Kokil, principal of CPS & Jr. College has inaugurated the program.

Ms.Anuradha Apte, XSEED coordinator conducted the workshop. She introduced the XSEED Living Knowledge System which includes complete learning teaching structure.She discussed the importance of the 5 A’s Aim, Action, Analysis, Application and Assessment. She guided the teachers in yearly, monthly, weekly & daily planning of syllabus.

Headmistress Smt. Sangita Patil Madam and teachers attended the enriching workshop. This workshop is going to be very helpful to the teachers


Viva Interactive Teaching Workshop (science)

JSPM’s Cygnet Public School & Jr.College organized “Viva Interactive Teaching Workshop” for science teachers on 9th April 2015.

Dr. Richa Bhargava conducted the workshop. She guided teachers about teaching basic concepts in science. She explained how to teach difficult topics in science by giving examples from day to day life. She answered queries asked by teachers.


Viva Interactive Teaching Workshop (English)

JSPM’s Cygnet Public School & Jr.College organized a workshop for learning English language  on 9th April 2015 for Teachers.

Mr. Monoranjan Sood Good explained LSRW methods of teaching English. He told teachers about evolution in English language in 21st century. He explained activity based methods of teaching English. The workshop ended with interactive session.


Viva Interactive Teaching Workshop

Dr. Richa Bhargava conducted ‘Maths Interactive teaching’ workshop for maths teachers.

She created a comfort zone amongst teachers throughout .She guided how to inculcate the values such as leadership, team spirit,

motivation, encouragement and discipline through teaching maths subject among the students. She appreciated efforts taken by the teachers to improve mathematical skills among students. She explained basic concepts in maths using flashcards, paper folding activities etc.

Workshop ended by expressing thanks to Mrs. Bhargawa for her valuable guidance


Report On English Orientation Program

An English Orientation Program was held for teachers of faculty of English of Cygnet Public School and Jaywant Public School on 7th January 2015. The topic was English language speaking a practical approach. Mr.Maroranjan Sood was the resource person. He was accompanied by his assistant Mr.Ajay.

The program was inaugurated by Mrs. Varsha Kokil principal of CPS by a formal welcome speech. Later on the principal of JPS Mrs. Unnati Joshi introduced Mr.Maroranjan Sood to the teachers and the charge to him.

The program started at 1:00 pm Mr.Sood started with NCF (National Curriculum Frameworks) and the phases of English learning followed by methods of teaching. Later on he stressed on the study skills.He also conducted a game in communication called the speed test to enable the teachers to follow directions. A light refreshment was given to refresh the minds of the individuals followed by the second session of the program were Mr.Sood he discussed about the collaborative reading, teaching, punctuation sense group, communication, sentences pattern.



An orientation program was organized for the parents of Pre-Primary Section on last Saturday of February 2015.The resource person was Mrs.Varsha Kokil Principal, Cygnet Public School and Junior College.

The topic of the Orientation program was emotional development of children and tips of Parenting .She explained the Physical, intellectual and emotional growth of student of three years onwards .She shared research based tips to inculcate good moral values ,study and eating habits along with behavior .Parent of Pre-Primary Section appreciated this orientation program as they said that this will help them in grooming their children.