Learning Through Educational Visits

Visit An educational takes students outdoors for effective learning. Cygnet Public School had organized educational visits to various place in Pune.Visit to Ayodhya Charitable Trust a non governmental. Voluntary organization which runs school for deaf and dumb children. This visit made students realize the importance of being healthy. Children were touched to see the students singing National Anthem in sign language

Students of class IX visited Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museam. This visit gave an opportunity to the student to have a glimpse of history. Children were excited to see ivory, wooden objects, lamps, objects of beauty Culture, arms & armours from the past.

Students of class VI & XI visited science park at Pimpri Chinchwad. It is an activity base science centre. Students explored science in an entertaining way.

Parents - Teacher Two Sides of a Coin

Parents experience a lot of stress in grooming their children. To ease it, the seminar was arranged for the parents. Mrs. Shailaja Sangle the orator of seminar “Tips on Parenting” asserted that it is the happiest job in the world. She told parents that time is the most valuable gift that we can give our kids. She advised Parents that they should not treat their children like adults.

Mrs. Varsha Kokil Principal, conducted seminars for the parents. She insisted that they should not allow kids to be their ‘boss’. Parents should control behavior of the students . She advised parents that they should set a goal for their kids and help them to achieve it . She appealed to parents to co – operate with school in shaping child’s future.

Evaluation system class X & XII was explained to the parents in the orientation program. Principal Mrs. Varsha Kokil welcome parents . She explain do’s and don’s to the parents . Subject teachers explain Evaluation system in detail.


Safety of  students  is an important issue , School ensures safe environment for students,  To ensure safety of students school supported the mission  ‘Buddy Cop’which is initiated by honorable  police commissioner Mrs. Rashmi  Shukla. Poiice officers help to maintain peace and fearless atmosphere in the society. They work relentless to keep society free from crime. Police department has taken initiative to help schools in maintaining safe environment in school. Cygnet Public School had organised a programme to introduce buddy cop to the students . Principal of the school  told students about the purpose of the project. Students were introduced to ‘The Buddy Cop’. He shared his mobile number and told students that they can call him if they face any problem.Students  shared their problems which were answered  by the Buddy Cop.

Career counseling by Experts

Mr. Ulhas Malwade a well known faculty member from JSCOE addressed students in seminar organized by CPS. He advised students to follow their dreams. He informed students about various courses in engineering using power point presentation.Mr. Ulhas Malwade who is a well known career counselor cleared doubts of the students. He interacted with students. He guided them to develop their skills & prepare themselves for successful career after graduation. He also insisted that school can play a vital role in maximizing achievement of students. He advised students to work in groups to achieve success.


It is being said that school is a reflection of society. We feel that school has a capacity to bring about changes in society.
We, the cygnatarians believe in this and try tcontribute solutions to the social causes. School has done its bit in many social events in Pune . Addiction is a serious probiem in India. Children are soft targets to this. There are various types drug addictions . Students can fight these addiction by strong will power. These drugs spoil students mentally and physically. To educate students about ill effects of drugs school had organised a Seminar for students of class IX to XII. Mrs. Muley from Gayatri Parivar told students to say ‘No TO DRUGS’ about ill effects of drugs. She told students to use their energy in constructive work for society. She told students to follow yoga and meditation for healthy life. She encouraged & motivated students.

Earth has enough problems already

Deepawali is the festival of lights. It brings joy in houses. Sweets, lights & crackers are inseparable part of Diwali. Children love this festival as they like to burst crackers.Crackers hold a fascination both for young & old. Old versions of crackers are replaced by more fascinating once. These attractive crackers are becoming popular among students. But these crackers have hazardous effects. People suffer from allergies, chronic cough, asthma, bronchitis, high blood pressure, etc. due to pollution caused by crackers. A person in India dies every 73 second due to diseases caused by pollution. It is really alarming statistic. Animals are also affected due to pollution created by crackers. To make students reaiise about the effects of crackers Cygnet Public School started a campaign against bursting crackers. School boards were decorated by the pictures & write ups giving messages of No Crackers.

Principal & teachers addressed students in assembly. They told students about hazards caused by the crackers. They appealed students that they can purchase books or give sweets to needy instead of wasting money on crackers. Children responded enthusiastically to this appeal. Children took oath of not bursting crackers in diwali. They pledged that they will work to save environment. Parents appreciated the noble initiative taken by the school. School tried to mould of our country into responsible citizen. It is a step towards green, clean & pollution free India.


“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality” – Waren Bennis

Cygnet Public School gives platform to the students to transform their dreams to reality. Students are given an opportunity to contest elections. Students vote to elect their representatives. These representatives officially take the responsibility of carrying out their duties as leaders after investiture ceremony.

Investiture Ceremony of Cygnet Public School was held with great pomp. Investiture Ceremony signifies the reliance & confidence that school consigns on the newly invested office bearers. The dignitaries were escorted to the stage by the head boy & head girl. The function was presided over by the principal Mrs. Varsha Kokil.

The programme began with lighting the lamp followed by Saraswati Vandana. Elected leaders were conferred with badges and lanyards by the principal. The council members took pledge to uphold the school motto Principal Mrs. Varsha Kokil congratulated students & made them aware of their duties & resposibilites.
Head girl Miss Ramola Sahare promised to work honestly to bring glory to school.
Miss Sneha Singh who topped Pune City spell bee competition conducted by times of India was felicitated on this occasion. PTA members appreciated efforts taken by the school to mould young leaders

Function ended with Vande Mataram. Mr. Pravin Kale compared the programme thanked parents & PTA members for their valuable support.


“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a life time  to paint like a child”. – Pablo Picasso

Children love drawing and colouring pictures. They express their emotions and ideas through painting. To encourage creativity in students Cygnet Public School had organized Poster Making Competition on 1st Sep. 2017.Topics were given to the students of class VI to VIII. Children enthusiastically participated in the competition. They came up with amazing creativity. The topics were” save water”, “the Indian Festivals” & “I Love India”. It was a great opportunity to watch these young minds trying to give colours to their ideas.

Students gave message of importance of water through the topics save water. They showed vibrant colours of Indian Festivals through the painting-Indian Festival.They expressed love for their country through the pictures in topic I Love India. Members of P.T.A judged the competition. They appreciated creativity of the students.


With the aim of conserving nature & increasing forest cover substantially through at forestation and social forestry programmes,  Cygnet Public School had organized tree plantation programme at Anandvan Wanowrie.

It is a matter of great concern that forest cover is decreasing with increasing concrete jungle.  Students were made aware of their role in conserving trees by Mr. Kumar.  He is relentlessly working to preserve the green cover at Anadvan.

Mr. Kumar has played active role in taking care of Anandvan. People had cut trees to use it as fuel. He took initiative to fence it.
He inspired students to plant trees in open spaces & round their residential areas. Students cleaned the Anandvan and planted saplings & decided to take care of the saplings. They collected plastic bags that littered the area.

Students were happy & excited to contribute to noble cause of plantation. They asked queries to Mr.Kumar. He guided them about how to conserve trees.


Poetry is when an emotion  finds its  thought & the thought has  words – Robert Frost

Understanding poems makes a child sensitive & writing them makes him creative.
Poem recitation competition was organized in Cygnet Public School 9th August
2017. Students of class VI to VIII participated in the competition. Rhymes can prove to be instrumental stepping stones for young children to learn language. This helps them to enhance their vocabulary. Students participated earnestly in the competition. Children chose variety of poems in English, Hindi &
Marathi. Children recited poems with emotions. Students were judged by language teachers

The topics chosen by students were nature, mother, teacher, India etc. students were judged on criterias like choice of the poem, its presentation, pronunciation and recitation.


Yoga is an valuable gift of India to the world.  It gives physical & mental strength.  Regular practice of yoga helps to achieve better life. Yoga is way of life.  In Cygnet Public School yoga teachers teach asanas & meditation to the students.  Yoga day was celebrated with great zeal on 21st June.  The day started with a special assembly. Principal guided  students about importance of yoga.

Students recited yogic prayers in Sanskrit.  P.T. teacher Mrs. Nisha Thorat  told students about origin & importance of yoga.Students were enumerated about benefits of yoga followed by demonstration of asanas like padmasana, tadasana, etc..  Students enchanted Omkar.Programme ended with pranayam followed by meditation.  Students pledged to follow yogic way of life.


An Interschool debate was held in our school premises on10th July 2017 at 10.30am.  It was an enthusiastic competition among students of Std VI, VII and VIII who expressed their views, thoughts, new innovative ideas and contradictory arguments.  On this auspicious occasion the chief guest Hon Varsha Kokil who is the Principal of Cygnet Public School.  Also, Hon. guest of  honour Kalpana Nilakhe, the Vice Principal of Cygnet Public School and the Incharge of the debate competition Mr. Pravin Kale and Mr. Mahendra Chavan present to grace the occasion.

The event of debate competition began with a warm welcoming of chief guest, participants, audience and the organizers. Mr. Pravin Kale felicitated to the chief guest and told all the rules and regulation related to the debate competition. There were participants who performed their outstanding skills in the given challenging topics for the debates. The topics of the debate was-1. Exam should be banned. 2. Corporal punishment should be allowed. 3. Mobile phones should be banned in school and colleges.

There were three rounds conducted for contesting debate competition- 1. Preliminary Round. 2. Personal views. 3. Rebuttal Round.

The representatives of the four houses spoke vehemently on the current issues regarding the same. The audience highly appreciated with encouraging applauds and inspired the participants to reach at the in dept of challenging issues of debate. The participants had put their arguments both in ‘favour’ and ‘against’ the motion very convincingly. The highlights of debate was rebuttal round. Here the participants asked the opponent questions on the matter presented by that contestant.

At the end of events, the judges for the day were deeply engrossed in the ideas of participants and explored the concrete conclusion. At least they declared the result of debate competition after the end of final round as follow:-
Ist Rank :- Vaibhav Lombte – Std. VIA (Green House)
IInd Rank :- Arya Ragade – Std. VIB (Yellow House)
Ist Rank :- Gauri Autade – Std. VIIB (Green House)
IInd Rank :- Aditi Barnawal – Std. VIIA (Yellow House)
Ist Rank :- Rahul Gaundher – Std. VIIID (Green House)
IInd Rank :- Sneha Singh – Std. VIIIA (Red House)

All the winners rank holders were certified by the chief guest and guest of honour. They were specially appreciated by the Chairman of Institute Hon. Tanaji Sawant Sir and the Campus Director Hon. Dr. V.A.Bugade Sir. The vote of thanks given by Mr. Pravin Kale. At least the event summed up with Vande Matarm.


Children & adolescents form a major population of our country.Children face many problems in adolescence .  They grow emotionally & physically. Adolescence is a difficult period to define.  There is a amazing difference between a child & adolescent.  They have many questions in their mind which they want to ask.   CPS gave a platform to students where they can clear their doubts by organizing a lecture on adolescence by renouned doctor Mrs. Sneha Gadkari. Dr Sneha Gadkari is associated with many NGO’s who work selflessly to solve problems of the  teenagers .She explained students about the physical growth in adolescence .She told them how to handle family, school & pressure.

She asked questions to the students to make them comfortable. Students asked their queries.  They were answered by Dr. Gadakari.  Parents thanked school for organizing the programme.



Dahi Handi festival is the most popular festival in the Maharashtra. The festival ‘Gokulashtami’ is also known as Krishna Janmashtami in the rest of the country. It is the celebration of the birth of Krishna and Dahi Handi is a part of it.

JSPM’s Cygnet Public School & Jr. College celebrated Dahi handi on Sat,12.08.17. This involves making a human pyramid and breaking of earthen pot filled with curd tied at a convenient height. This event is based on the legend of the child God Krishna stealing butter. A participant in this festival is called as ‘Govinda’ or govinda pathak. It is mostly popular in the state of Maharashtra.

JSPM’s Cygnet Public School & Jr. College Primary Section organized Dahi Handi celebration on the eve of Gokulashtami.All students came in colourful traditional attire and it made the atmosphere colourful .Students of std – I were dressed like Radha & Krishna .School organized many programs like skit , poem recitation and afterwards a Govinda broke the Handi. It made the atmosphere joyful. Principal of Cygnet Public School & Jr. College, Mrs. Varsha Kokil encouraged children and teachers with her precious words.


Elocution is the basis of effective communication skills. It is art of clear and concise manner of speaking. It improves the voice, the style, formulation of words, the gesture and the accent. In others word elocution add up to the art of communication.

Elocution is being considered a key aspect of learning the art of communication. The art of elocution has been dissected, studied and taught in the schools for a long time.

An inter house elocution competition was held in Cygnet Public School and Jr. College. Different topics were given to students. All the participants spoke with great enthusiasm without any hesitation. This competition enabled students to speak with more clarity. It was an enjoyable experience to all those who participated. All the participants won the hearts of the judges.


The International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June , 2017 to bring peace, harmony , happiness and success to every soul in the world.This was a great opportunity to imbibe the value of discipline. Yoga is a mental , physical ,spiritual practice that needs to be carried every day. Children got the chance to know how yoga embodies unity of mind & body.

JSPM’s Cygnet Public School & Jr. College , Primary Section organized International Yoga Day for students and teachers.Yoga session was held on the school ground led by trained Yoga teacher Mrs.Rupali Madankar.

Students were made aware of the relevance of the yoga in day to day life. Different types of Asana’s were demonstrated like –Surya namaskar, Tratak & Pranayam to increase their concentration.Principal of Cygnet Public School & motivated all the students and teachers. Yoga day was celebrated successfully under her guidance.


“Before you are a leader , success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader , success is all about  growing others.”– Jack Welch

What is common between his highness Narendra Modi , Barrack Obama, Nelson Mandela? They are all leaders par excellence. Leadership is a quality which is nurtured and has it seeds sown in childhood itself. We at Cygnet Public School & Jr. College tap the quality of leadership in their early years and try to bring out the best in each so that they too can be great leaders of tomorrow. The investiture ceremony of Cygnet Public School & Jr. College, Primary section was a true celebration of leadership.The ceremony began with a song sung by the choir group. Principal , Mrs. Varsha Kokil encouraged parents who nurtured the children so proficiently and congratulated students on their achievements. Its true , “ If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more , do more and become more , you are a leader.”

Chief guest, Principal , Mrs. Mousami Choudhari of Jaywant Public School and Principal , Mrs. Varsha Kokil of Cygnet Public School & Jr. College honoured members of Student Council with the badges.

In her address , the Chief Guest Mrs. Mousami Choudhari appreciated the efforts by the school for providing opportunities to the students to take part in activities like these. She also congratulated the newly appointed school council members for their efforts. She encouraged students to inculcate the habit of leadership from childhood to become a good leader in future life. She wished well to all the members of school council.


It is important to cultivate healthy eating habits in children . Healthy eating habits benefits children in their growth and holistic development. Besides it boosts children’s immunity system and prevents them from falling sick easily.

To develop a healthy eating habit among children, JSPM’s Cygnet Public School organized a Sandwich Making Competition for the students of Std – I & II. All the students and teachers enjoyed the event very much. There were varieties of sandwiches like vegetable sandwich , fruit sandwich.This activity made the atmosphere healthy and very pleasant. Children were encouraged by Principal, Mrs.Varsha Kokil.


“ If we live in our oneness – heart, we will feel the essence of all religions which is the love of God. Forgiveness, compassion, tolerance, brotherhood and the feeling of oneness are the signs of true religion.” It proved true on 20th of Jun 2017 when each and every nook & corner of Pune filled with devotees of Lord Vitthal – Warkaris.

The students and teachers of Cygnet Public School & Jr. College enthusiastically participated in the legendary palkhi procession. The students of Std-I ,II, III were dressed as Varkaris and carried musical instruments like mrudung and chiptiyas.

Some students were carrying Tulsi on their head.It shows their great faith in the God. This initiative was taken by the school principal to encourage and instill the culture and values in our students.

The co-ordination and co-operation among students reflected our Indian tradition and richness of our culture. The students received the blessings of palkhi and also got enlightened with the simplicity and energetic vibes of the varkaris.

The students chanted the name of Vitthal and Tukaram. Many programs were performed by students like singing, dancing, playing in circles.

Our honorable Principal, Mrs. Varsha Kokil accompanied by Vice Principal, Mrs. Kalpana Nilakhe dynamically took part in the procession and encouraged students for their energetic participation in the procession.


Spell Quiz competition and Pink Colour Day celebration were organised at Cygnet Public School in Pre-    primary section. The objective is to enhance the spelling and literacy skill of children by encouraging them to explore the language, expand their vocabulary and improve their communication and comprehensive skills.

We also celebrated Pink Colour Day .All the students were looking very happy and charming in pink colour dresses. A special  assembly was organised on this occasion in which students were shown pink colour objects. The children actively participated in all the activities.

They all enjoyed a lot and simultaneously understood the aesthetic sense of colour. Thus  our purpose of celebrating the day was fulfilled.

Educational Delegates from SriLanka visit Cygnet Public School & JR. College, Hadapsar.

Group of delegates from the Ministry of Education SriLanka visited Cygnet public school & Jr. college, Hadapsar on Saturday 10/12/2016. Delegates comprised of 20 Zonal Officers from 9 provinces of SriLanka, Commissioners from Department of Education, Asstt. Directors of Education from Ministry of Education, SriLanka. They were accompanied by Prof. Zaidi, HOD of Education & Planning  & Professors from NUEPA ,New Delhi.

          Delegates were welcomed by Lezim performance by students. Delegates visited classrooms. They appreciated curricular & co-curricular activities conducted in school. Students displayed skills in solving mathematical problems, matching rubic cubes. Guest were surprised to see students adding 20 numbers in 3 to 4 seconds. Students performed Koli dance & also explained culture of Maharashtra. A team of students presented Karate & Yoga displays. Guests were overwhelmed to see unique maths-lab in school which was used by the teachers to teach various mathematical concepts.Guests were felicitated by giving bouquets & trophies.

         Prof. Zaidi, NUEPA, New Delhi, Prof. M. Kumar Ministry of Education, SriLanka appreciated the efforts taken by the team of Cygnet Public School to make the visit a successful event

            Mrs. Pratima Paul compared the program. Mrs. Varsha Kokil,Principal expressed the feeling of gratitude towards Prof. Zaidi,Mr. M.Kumar SriLanka.She thanked Dr. Bugade and Prof. Sanjay Sawant for support and guidance


‘Just-A-Minute’ is an all round fun event that is all about the control of the mind over the mouth. JAM was held on 18th Dec. 16. Cygnet Public School & Jr. College (Hadapsar) has witnessed the hyper competitive ‘ JAM COMPETITION’. In the series of house activities, the Just – A – Minute Competition was held for the students VI to VIII class. It was an exciting event for all. The objective of J-A-M was to encourage students. Each contestant had to speak for a minute on a topic .All the contestants were eloquent and imaginative in their ideas. They spoke on various topics such as  ‘My Classroom’, ‘Describe  Yourself’, ‘Education’, ‘Literacy’, ‘Women’s role in our country’, ‘Uses of Mobile’.

The overall event was managed by Mrs. Varsha Kulkarni and Mrs.SwatiYele.The event was judged by Mrs. Geeta Lohire and Mrs. Vaishali Sutar. The students enjoyed the speeches and applauded loudly for their house members.


“Vocabulary Makes Language Perfect. Spelling is important because it helps cement the connection that is shared between sounds and letters.”

An Inter-House Spell Bee competition was organized on 16th Nov , 2016 in school campus for classes VI to VIII. In the series of numerous enjoyable competitions Spell-Bee competition helped students to improve their spellings, increase their vocabulary, learn concepts and develop usage of correct english. Children participated earnestly in the competition. The competition was designed in a structure enabling every student studying in grade VI to VIII to participate in the event. Preliminary round i.e. dictation round for the competition was conducted on 14th Nov 2016 in the class. The semi-Final and final round conducted on 16 Nov 2016 consisted oral rounds. Moderators Miss. Dipali and Miss. Khushi facilitated the smooth organization and execution of the event. Each participant was so well prepared that it made the competition difficult and tie breaker round  decided the winner.


As Wordsworthsaid that, “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings; it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility”.

“Poetry Competition” was conducted at Campus of Cygnet Public School & Jr. College, Hadapsar on 21/19/2016. For the students VI,VII, and VII. The view behind this competition was to enhance their emotions in a poetic way. This was great opportunity for students to express their emotions and feelings through poetic way. Many students participated in it with great zeal.Students were eager to participate to sing poem. This was an excellent opportunity to develop their self-confidence. It gave students immense happiness. As we all know, poem is meant for enjoyment. Beauty is the realim of the poetry, the children enjoy the beauty of expression, through feeling, rhyme, rhythm and music of words.

This competition was organised by Mrs. Shilpa Newase & Mrs. Suchitra Jagdale. Students appreciated and applauded the performance of the participants and children enjoyed the competition.


An Elocution Competition at school level gives students a good opportunity to combat with the biggest fear factor i.e. stage fear.

 Cygnet Public School & Jr. College organized housewise ‘Elocution Competition’ on 20/09/2016 students of class VI, VII & VIII participated enthusiastically. Two students per house were selected for this Competition.Subject given were as –Std VI – “Man and Machine”, Std VII – “Discipline-Key to success in life” and Std VIII –  “My Dream of India in 21st century” respectively.

Aim behind conducting this competition was to improve their speaking skill, to raise confidence level & to enhance stage daring. Students expressed their ideas with proper intonation. Viewers were engrossed in listening ideas.

Students explained their views on the subjects. Competition was judged by Mrs. Vaishali Sutar and Mohini Bhosale staff of CPS.


 “Poster Making Competition” was conducted in Cygnet Public School & Jr. College, Hadapsar on 19/   12 /2016. The intention behind conducting  competition was to enhance the inner views, ideas and thoughts of students to give them chance to come up with their ideas. Students from the class VI,VII, and VIII participated in this competition. They were enthusiastic to give colors to their thoughts. Topic was given according to their mental capability & age group. Topic for VI,VII, and VII were ‘Save Trees’, ‘Save Girl Child’ & ‘Save Culture’ respectively.

All participants participated with immense zeal and enthusiasm and made very beautiful posters which gave the message of how to save  mother ‘earth’. It was organized to explore and encourage creativity in children and offer them a platform to showcase their skills. Day was full of fun and zeal.

Teachers Day Celebration

On 5th September Dr.Sarvapalli Radhakrishna’s  birthday is celebrated as “Teacher’s Day”.Teachers play a major role in making their students a responsible citizen of tomorrow and a good human being. It is impossible to imagine our lives without teachers

JSPM’s Cygnet Public School also celebrated “Teacher’s  Day” in a unique way, Sport games like hurdle race, back to back race, rally race were organised  for the teachers. Many teachers actively participated in the games. Then fashion show ramp was also a part of celebration. Many teachers sang beautiful songs.

Our campus director Dr.V.A.Bugade Sir spoke few lines and appreciated the work done by the teachers.It was a memorable occasion for everyone.

Teachers’ Phonics Workshop

On  8 Oct 2016 Phonic Workshop was organized for  Pre-Primary Teachers of Cygnet Public School at  Wagholi in Prodigy Public School.

She explained that “Jolly Phonics” is a technique developed   to import knowledge through the medium of sound, pictures and stories .Action based technique helps the kids to   learn English language with fun and in effective manner.


Hezel Rubella explained about

  • What is Phonics
  • Why do we learn letter sounds?
  • Approaches to learning letter sounds
  • Single letter sounds

The main aim of this course   was to the  strengthen the teaching learning process. The course helped teachers to teach in easy way.

Rangoli Workshop

Cygnet Public School organized Rangoli Competition for the parents of Jr.KG. on 21th Oct ,2016.Parents participated  with great enthusiasm.


It was good to see the competitive spirit in parent and their enthusiastic participation

In this one hour long competition, they tried to put together their artistic  ,imaginative and creative skill to make bright and beautiful Rangoli’s. They also gave the message of ‘save girl child’

The judging criteria was based on colour combination, creativity and neatness. The judges had to face a tough time to judge the competitors. It was a pleasing sight for the spectators.

Diwali Celebration

The celebration of Diwali “festival of lights” came alive at Cygnet Public School in Pre-primary section on 25th October 2016, when the whole school wore a festive look with diyas and lanterns adorning the corridors in bright colours.The rangoli added the perfect setting to the festivity.

The teachers sang song & brought our the essence of the festival-“Celebration of lite & goodness”.They also told the students about the importance of this festival.All the students came dressed up in traditional attires.They were advised to celebrate eco-friendly diwali by avoiding bursting crackers.

Sweets were distributed among all & the teachers wished the students a happy & safe Diwali

Yellow Day Celebration & CCA Competition’s Prize Distribution

On same day prize distribution function was also held in Pre-Primary section. It is the most important event of every school. It is all about  acknowledging   and celebrating the achievements of students. Our vice principal Mrs.Kalpana Nilakhe was the chief guest for the programme. She also appreciated the students and congratulate  everyone for their achievements.

Focusing on the theme the teacher planned art and collage activities and their art work was displayed on the soft boards.

The motive of celebrating this day was to make them aware of yellow colour.

With an objective to recapitulate and reinforce the effects of yellow colour, Pre-Primary section of Cygnet Public School celebrated “Yellow Day” on 25th November 2016.

Children were dressed in beautiful yellow dresses and they also brought yellow objects such as racing car, teddy bear, dolls, balls, balloons flowers to make learning environment active and sporty  .

‘Me and Mother’ Singing Competition

Singing always gives peace and a soft feeling to the mind. Sometimes it heals the mind. There are so many forms and styles  of singing that is known as “Raga”.JSPM’s Cygnet Public School’s Primary Section conducted on a competition for Std III on 26th November 2016.It was a very heart touching competition. The topic of this singing competition was ‘Me and Mother’. It was an emotional moment even for the teachers to listen such melodies from students.

All children with their mother sang the songs very melodiously. Their voice texture was in proper rhythm. Really, it was a melodious programme. It was difficult to judge the winner.

Mrs.Varsha Kokil Principal of Cygnet Public School and Jr. College motivated students with her precious words. Parents also shared their views with us at the end of the programme they are also enjoyed a lot with their kids and they told it was a memorable moment for them.

Patriotic Song Competition

Patriotic songs are songs that demonstrate love for one’s country or have themes that glorify self-sacrifice lands beauty, history or ideals.JSPM’S Cygnet Public School celebrated Independence day by organizing-patriotic song competition on 12/08/16. The four houses from std I to std V were participated in patriotic song competition enthusiastically and green house was the winning house.The students prepared well for the competition and wide range of songs were presented. All the participates from different houses looked very excited for the programme. Their patriotic song invoked a strong sense of patriotism in each who listened. They showed the vital aspects of India and its unity in diversity. Principal of Cygnet Public School and Jr.College encouraged children with a nice speech on patriotism.

Elocution Competition

 Elocution helps to build listening, speaking and communication skill of students. It is one of the best academic activities that every school conducts to improve student’s clarity of speech, confidence and vocabulary.

JSPM’S Cygnet Public School’s Primary Section organized Elocution competition from  Std III to Std V. Different topics were given by the teachers for elocution to create their imagination power. All the students prepared their topics very well and they delivered their speech confidently. It was very pleasant event to see the leader’s quality among all the participants. They were bold, confident and very clear to keep their views in front of the audience. Their confidence and hold over the language and subject matter was excellent. Mrs.Varsha Kokil Principal of Cygnet Public School and Jr. College admired children for their attempt. Few students had chosen the topic like ‘Importance of Farmers’ , Pleasure of reading books. Their thoughts made the audience curious about their speech.

Educational Trip to Aga Khan Palace

Aga Khan Palace is a national monument of Indian freedom movement following the launch of Quit India movement in 1942, Gandhiji’s  his wife Kasturba Gandhi  and his Secretary Mahadevbhai Desai were interned at the palace from August 9, 1942 to May 6, 1944. Samadhi of Kasturba Gandhi and Mahadevbhai Desai is located in the campus.Primary section of JSPM’s Cygnet Public School and Jr. College organized an Educational trip to visit Aga Khan Palace  for the students of Std V. It was an amazing experience for the students to know more about  the life of our ‘Father of Nation’ Mahatma Gandhi and other activist of freedom movement.Students were very curious to see the things used by Gandhiji and his wife . Students were very curious to know more about the life history of Mahatma Gandhi.Principal of Cygnet Public School and Jr. College Mrs.Varsha Kokil inspired the students with her valuable words.

Spell Bee Competition

Specialist Susan Jones M.Ed has researched how spelling improves reading, writing fluency and how it improves vocabulary of any of the person.Spell bee provides a form of competition for students of any age. It helps a person to develop vocabulary and understanding of English language that cannot be achieved by any other means.

 Primary section of JSPM’s Cygnet Public School and Jr. college organized  an Inter House Spell bee competition for the students of Std III to Std V. Each Std has been divided into four groups. All the students participated in it with great enthusiasm. It was great time for teachers to see such a nice competition. The competition was very tough because all the students prepared very well and they all have a good stock of vocabulary. They played it breathlessly without any hesitation. They all were appreciated by Judges. Principal of Cygnet Public School and Jr.College Mrs.Varsha Kokil appreciated all the students for their excellent and active participation in the competition.


“Thousands laid down their lives

So that our country

Breathe this day

Never forget their sacrifice..”

This year we celebrated India’s 70th year of independence with great zeal and enthusiasm. All the students, parents and staff members assembled on the school ground at 8am.

Our honorable Principal Mrs.Varsha Kokil and Vice Principal Mrs.Kalpana Nilakhe gladly received the assembly and welcomed our dignitaries. Our Respectable Director Dr.V.A. Bugade and Asst. Campus Director Mr.Sanjay Sawant performed the flag hoisting ceremony which was followed by National Anthem. They addressed the gathering and shared their views on the importance of the freedom and significance of the day. The program was concluded by secondary students who sang a patriotic song.

Indeed, it was a day to recall and thank the martyr   & patriots who made possible for us to breathe the air of freedom with their continuous and strenuous efforts in the long struggle of 150 years.

Maitri Abhiyaan 2016

On 12th Aug 2016,125 students of Cygnet Public School, Hadapsar had visited SRPF’s,”MAITRI ABHIYAAN-2016”.  Different kinds of guns, rifles and pistols used in war were arranged in SRPF. Students of Std. VII were divided into six groups; they all were enthusiastically taking information about each and every weapon.

 The staff members, commanders and officers of SRPF were present on the ground, They gave information to the students about the weapons used in war.SRPF’s Jawans presented a excellent performance of ‘Lezim’. After the breakfast, Students marched towards the stadium for watching ‘Kabaddi’ and ‘Handball’, matches organized by SRPF. Students enjoyed it very much.

            It was learning experiences for our students.They were amazed to see the discipline of SRPF cadets.


Cygnet Public School organized “Quiz Competition” on 08/08/2016.The Students for Std. VIII & IX enrolled their names for this competition. Two students from each house were selected for  the  competition to make this competition a grant success .Participants were enthusiastic & eager to give answers. Students of Std. VIII were the spectators. Questions were categorized in four rounds .Round first was “SCRATCH THE BRAIN” three questions were asked to each group .Round II was “BUZZER” round & three questions were asked to each house. Third & fourth rounds were “RAPID FIRE” & “VISUAL “rounds respectively. Two questions for each group were asked .Questions were based on all subjects including G.K. & current affairs. Green House was the winner,

Name of the winners are:-

1) Mt.Harshal Pandit

(Green House)

2) Mt.Kaustubh Tupe

(Green House)


Cygnet Public School had organized “Monoact” competition on 29th July. Students of Std. VI & VII took part in the competition. All Participants performed various acts. Many of them performed role of the farmer, housewife, CEO, Natsamrat etc. they delivered message of ‘Save Water’, ‘Pollution’, ’Tree Plantation’ etc. All enrolled participants of various houses performed very gracefully. They enjoyed a lot. Many  students became emotional when students were performing. These Competitions are very essential for overall development of students. This was a unique way to express ambitions of the students. They tried to put themselves in shoes of their role model.

Winners of this competition are as follows:-

Winners from Std. VI

  1. Vedant Jadhav
  2. Vorja Golande
  3. Riya Zaveri

Winners from Std. VII

Ms. Aakanksha Magar.

Ms.Sneha Singh.

Ms.Tanvi Dhoukshe


On 2nd August 2016 Cygnet Public School organized Investiture Ceremony. Mr.S.S.Kande, Principal of Polytechnic College was the chief guest of the program. Mr.Kalpande HOD of Computer Science Dept. was the guest of honor of the program. India is a Republic country. Direct participation of people is necessary in voting. Voting is citizen’s right in Republic India. This ceremony gave experience of voting. As per the tradition of the school. Captains of four houses organized a campaigning rally for the votes, under the House Master’s guidance.

On the day of election, all the students from 6th to 10th voted for the post of Captain & Vice Captain. Investiture ceremony was organized for elected representatives. After that all the representatives took oath to be serious about their duties. The Campus Director Mr. V.A. Bugade, Principal of Cygnet Public School Mrs. Varsha Kokil, Vice Principal Mrs.Kalpana Nilakhe guided the students.


Interhouse Patriotic Song &Dance competition was held on 11th August 2016 for classes VI to IX. Patriotism is the important sentiment associated with the country one lives in, since the country is considered as motherland. Thus Patriotism is a noble sentiment it is based on devotion and selfless sacrifices of the people. Student danced on the tune of patriotic song sung by the students. They portrayed beautiful mosaic of Indian Culture through their songs.

“Koi humse jeet na paye….

chale chalo….Chale chalo..”


“Desh mere…desh mere…

meri jaan hai tu……….”

“Jahan daal daal par..

sone ki chidiya karti hai basera..”

The Competition got one with the inspiring speech given by Principal Mrs.Varsha Kokil Ma’am and the declaration of result by the judges Mr.Yashwant Dhanan and Mr.Bharat Gorde, Faculty of B.Ed College.

The Winners are:-

First Rank:-Green House

Runner Up:-Red House

Rainbow Day

The Pre-Primary section of Cygnet Public School celebrated “Rainbow Day” on 29th July 2016 in school campus students as well as teachers came dressed in various colors of the rainbow.

Students brought colorful umbrellas and performed the drill. A beautiful ‘VIBGYOR’ was created. The main objective of this day was to explain the concept of “Rainbow Colors” to the students.

This day was made memorable with fun & colors


The Pre-primary students of Cygnet Public School celebrated Rakshabandhan on 16th Aug.2016. This festival depicts the bond of love between a brother and sister.

            On this auspicious occasion, children were dressed in traditional attire and expressed their love for their siblings. The teachers discussed the significance of the festival with the children. The students made “Rakhis” for their siblings with great creativity. The best handmade “Rakhis” were displayed on the notice board. Everyone enjoyed the celebration


Palkhi festival showcases the distinctive feature of the Maharashtra culture. Our Pre-Primary students of Cygnet Public School celebrated this day with great enthusiasm. They all were traditional dressed up as”Warkaris” and carried the Palkhi in the Dindi procession at our school premises. Bhajans and Abhangas of Sant Tukaram and Sant Dnyaneshwar were recited by them. Teachers told the students about the importance of “Ashadi Ekadashi”

                        Our Principal Mrs.Varsha Kokil performed   pooja and appreciated the efforts taken by everyone

Parent’s Story Telling Competition

On 16th August 2016 Cygnet Public School organized a story telling competition for the parents of Pre-Primary Section. Many parents participated in the competition with great enthusiasm.

Story time is the favorite time for most of the children. Whether it is a fairy tale or folk tale, ‘kids’ fables or your own stories. Children love to hear them. All the participants narrated value or moral based stories. Story telling is a unique way of targeting child development.

The competition was judged by the jury. Our Principal Mrs.Varsha Kokil appreciated the efforts put in by the parents.

Guru Pournima

Guru Pournima is an Indian festival dedicated to the teachers. It is celebrated to acknowledge the contribution of the teachers who are the source of wisdom.

||Guru Brahmha   Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwaraha||

||Guru Saakshaat Parambrahma ,Tasmai Shree Gurve Namaha..||

This shlok shows the importance of a Guru in our lives. He is the one who guides his students throughout their life. Vyas Pournima which is now more commonly known as Guru Pournima is a day to be grateful to our Gurus; to show respect to the teachers.

Pre-Primary students of Cygnet Public School celebrated this day in the premises on 19th July 2016. Students brought flowers as a token of gratitude for the teachers. Then significance of this day was explained.


Elocution is the art of speaking clearly and fluently. Competition helps the students to boost their confidence level and to remove their stage fear.

            On 28th July 2016 students of Cygnet Public School from the Pre-Primary section actively participated in the competition which was judged by Mrs.Rama Kapadi, Coordinator of Primary Section

            The topics for the students were “My Self” for Nursery, “My Family” for Jr.KG. and  “My School” for Sr.KG students.

            Many students participated enthusiastically and showcased their talent.


Janmashtami was celebrated on 26th August 2016 in Pre-primary section with very enthusiastically. The soft boards were decorated with matki, flute and also photos of balkrishna. The corridors were decorated with matkis .Colorful festoons had been put up on the strings with balloons. A Matki was hung in the middle of the auditorium hall keeping murmura and chocolates inside.

A group  dance was performed by nursery students. Students danced very well with full action and rhythm. Our principle ma’am appreciated them by giving good wishes. Each and every one enjoyed the dance and the program. Children came in traditional dresses some were dressed as Radha and Krishna. The importance of Janmashtami was told in Hindi by one of our Teachers.

Collage work competition and white day celebration

Collage work competition and white day celebration was celebrated on   26th August 2016 in Pre-primary section of Cygnet Public School. Students took part in a large number and with Great Spirit.

This competition provided an opportunity to showcase their talent and creativity.

The   atmosphere was full of ideas, thoughts and colours. Competition seeks to motivate and reward the winners.

(Cygnostav Tarang 2016)

10th Annual day Cygnostav –Tarang 2016 was held on 16th Feb’16.The chief guest of the function was A.C.P. Mr. Ravindra Rasal from Wanowri Police Station, Pune. The programme started with lighting of the lamp by the hands of chief guest. Students welcomed chief guest and all the dignitaries present by a welcome song. Principal Mrs. Varsha Kokil felicitated the chief guest and all the dignitaries. The prize distribution ceremony was held by meritorious students from all the classes.

The cultural programme began with a dance by the students of class VII A & VII B with the welcome song “Morya Morya”. English skit was performed on Shakespeare’s “The Merchant Of Venice” Act IV scene I by the IX & XI standard students and they got big round of applause. Marathi skit “Loksankhecha Bhasmasur” was dramatized by the students of standard VIII. The function proceeded with the stunning performances by students of VII & VIII on Maharashtrachi Lokdhara . The programme concluded at 9.oo pm with a grand finale by the students of XI sci & XI com. The programme ended with vote of thanks and Vande Mataram.

Inter School Genius Kids Rubic Cube Competition


Every year on 8 th March women’s day is celebrated throughout the world. It is a global day

celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women in the past and in the present.

Pre-primary section of Cygnet Public School also celebrated this day on 11 th March, 2016.

Our Principal Mrs. Varsha Kokil organized many programs for the mothers and their kids.

Mothers of nursery kids actively participated in the “Healthy Food Cooking Competition” while

“Fancy Dress Competition” was organized for those of Jr.KG. The purpose of conducting these

competitions was not only to blend learning with fun but also develop confidence in children by

giving them an opportunity to get on the stage and speak in front of all the audience.

Mr. Shailesh Tawre and Ms. Trisha were the judges for the program. It was a very difficult

task to decide the winners as all the performances were mesmerizing. Orientation program was

arranged for the parents of Sr. KG. Our Principal Mrs. Varsha Kokil thanked and appreciated the

parents for their support and for sparing their valuable time.








The 67th Republic Day of India was celebrated at Cygnet public School in pre-primary section with lot of patriotic zeal and fervor. The school was decorated with National flags and balloons representing the tricolors of the flag. The students were dressed in tricolored dresses. They took part in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity. The entire school campus was filled with patriotism and pride. The students celebrated the Republic day with lot of enthusiasm. The students dispersed after snacks with the image of colors of the fluttering flag in their minds.


Adding another blooming bud to bouquet of activities, Makar Sankranti was celebrated by organizing “The Kite Making Competition” at Cygnet Public School for pre-primary section on 14th Jan., 2016. The students participated in the activity with full zeal and fervor. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to showcase their creativity manifested in the form of beautiful vibrant kites. The main aim of the competition was to recognize the hidden talent, to develop them more and to lead it towards the direction of success. The judgment criteria was creativity and neatness. The activity was displayed on the board. Students came dressed up in ethnic attire, flew kites with their friends. It was a break for them from the daily routine.

The students of nursery wore ornaments made of ‘Tilgul’. ‘Teachers distributed ‘Tilgul’ among the students and gave information about the importance of the festival.


To mark the festive occasion of New Year and Christmas, “Greeting card making” competition was conducted for the pre-primary students of Cygnet Public School on 18th Dec., 2015.

Students were asked to design, draw, colour, paint and decorate the given greeting cards using material brought by them. The cards were decorated with various materials such as stickers, bindis, lace, kundan, beads, glitters and sequences, etc. The cards were judged based on the design, materials used, skill and presentation.

All the cards were unique and beautifully decorated showing the interest and creativity of each child. The cards were displayed on the soft boards. The students actively participated in the competition and enjoyed a lot.


Christmas is a time “To give and forgive” celebrated everywhere as a joyous family celebration. Pre-primary students of Cygnet Public School also celebrated the festival of Christmas, birthday of Jesus Christ with great pomp on 23rd Dec., 2015. Children and teachers were dressed in red colored dresses and sang the carols like “Jingle bells”, “We wish you a merry Christmas” in a very festive mood. They decorated the Christmas tree and danced to the tune of Christmas related songs. The school campus echoed with the holy hymns recited by the students.

The classrooms were decorated with colorful bells, stockings and stars. At the end, “Santa Claus” made a grand entry and filled the crowd with joy and happiness and danced with everyone with great enthusiasm. Cakes were distributed. Our school principal, Mrs. Varsha Kokil wished Merry Christmas to all the kids. She also appreciated the wonderful performance put up by the students.

“Art of Concentration In The Age Of Distraction”

On 8th Dec’15, “Art of Concentration in the Age of Distraction” was held in Cygnet Public School & Jr. College for students of   class X. The orator of the session was Toshan Nimaydas from ISKON. He guided students for increasing their concentration. Smart phones and different apps are the main factors of distraction in this age.

          Adhyatmik, Adhibhautik & Adhidaivik are the types of distractions. These factors will distract us but we have to deal with them. When it comes to temptation we indulge in useless things and time fleets away . Inner self is full of good qualities; it is controlled by mind & soul. When mind is influenced by external self, it makes wrong choices. Our mind works on senses. Even though one sense is distracted our concentration will be disturbed. So understand the real self to make good choices. If your inner self is satisfied, you will not be distracted by outside sources . He asked to feed your intelligence with Values and vedic information.


It was a fabulous experience indeed for the little ones of Cygnet Public School- Pre-Primary section

when they made their own sandwich. Many students participated in the competition. They were required to

prepare a healthy and tasty sandwich. They brought along their own ingredients. There were many creative

ideas; some made use of fruits as decorations for visual presentation.

All the students performed the task with great enthusiasm. It was a new experience for all the students

and everyone was happy with their performance. The students tried their best to make tasty sandwiches; they

decorated their dishes before presenting them to the judges. All students had fun during the competition.


Cygnet Public School Pre-Primary section had organized Procom Quiz contest on 24/11/15. It was a

great opportunity for the parents to test and increase their child’s general awareness in different subjects

.The test was designed keeping in mind the level of school studies and knowledge of the students about their

subjects .Quiz included coloring, drawing, puzzle and other fun solving material for students , which helped

them to build their mind and personality.

Every participating student got certificate and attractive gift. Winning students got Medals &

Certificate of Merit.


The students of Cygnet Public School Pre-Primary section celebrated “Yellow day” on 30th Nov. 2015 to

recapitulate and reinforce the colour. The students came dressed in yellow attires. They brought yellow fruits such as

bananas, melons and pineapples. Focusing on the theme, teachers planned art and collage activities. Their art work

was displayed on the soft boards.

Teachers related yellow colour with joy and happiness. The motive of celebrating this day was to make the

children aware of yellow colour and to develop fine motor skills in them.


        Our tiny tots of Cygnet Public School Pre-Primary section celebrated the festival of lights on 6th Nov. 2015 with a lot of enthusiasm. Group activity such as lantern making was a part of the celebration. Students came dressed in rich colorful dresses and participated in several programmes which emphasized on “No Crackers”. They also made “Diwali Cards” and decorated “Diyas” to mark the festive spirit. School was decorated with lanterns, divas and colorful rangolis.

      Teachers informed them about the significance of the festival. Our Principal Mrs. Varsha Kokil appreciated the work done by the students. Sweets were distributed and everyone wished “Happy Diwali” to each other.  It was a joyous occasion.

Chala abhyas karu!

Cygnet Public School & Jr. College had organized an orientation program for the students of std XII & X named as ‘Chala Abyas Karu!’. The speaker of the program was well known orator Mr. Vijay Bhalchandra kulkarni.

Mr. Vijay Kulkarni guided students about the ways of studying without taking stress. He asked students their problems while studying and gave solutions to problems and difficulties. He advised students to study regularly. He told students to be focused & fix the target.

Mrs. Varsha kokil, the principal of   Cygnet Public school & Jr. College felicitated guest. The anchor of the program was Mr. Satyajeet Jadhav.

Career Orientation Program

Cygnet Public School & Jr. College had organized a ‘Dheya Career mentor Program’ under the guidance of Campus Director, Mr. Bugde and Principal Of CPS & Jr. College, Mrs. Varsha Kokil .

The program was organized for the students of Std. IX & X. The speaker of the program was Mrs. Deepali Patrekar .She explained how to achieve success in career & life by considering the positive aspects of  life and accepting challenges. She also explained how to motivate our self to develop confidence & personality. With representing the example of successful cricket player Mr .Sachin Tendulkar she stamped the subject to the bottom of the heart of the students of Cygnet Public School & Jr. college.
Career Orientation Program


“Keys To Success” – Lecture by Manashakti Center, Lonawala

Key tosuccess


In the participation of  Pune Smart City campaign the students of Cygnet Public School had organized the rally. The rally was inaugurated by Mr. Gandhale, reporter from Lokmat.

The rally started form D’MART, Hadapsar to the Railway crossing. It aimed at creating awareness among people about the PMC’s initiative in Smart City campaign and how they can contribute towards it. Students distributed pamphlets which had information about PMC’s website & its aim


To bring Environmental awareness PMC has organized various initiatives. The students of Cygnet Public School & Jr.  College have participated in it by hitting   website launched by PMC, to take suggestions from the people , for steps to be in top 10 smart cities of India. More than 1600 students have suggested the ways for being the smart city. The participation will surely give the lead to PMC for making Pune a smart city.

Navratri Celebration

Navratri is a festival of workship of shakti . The word Navratri literally mean nine nights. During these nine night and ten days, nine froms of Devi are worshiped. The nine day festival celebrates triumphs of good over evil and exhorts mankind to wake up from slumber of ignorance, remove all negativities ,purifying mind and cultivate positive view.

Primary Section of Cygnet Public School & Jr. College celebrated Navratri utsav in grand manner with Varity of program including dandiyarass and games. The celebration was started with traditional aarti led by principal Varsha Kokil while Programme was managed and executed by Jaitoon Miss with coordination of all teachers and school staff.

Student and teachers came in traditional dresses. It was a colourful and joyful show where teacher & students together enthusiastically perform dandiya.


The International Day of Older Person

Every year 1st October is observed as ‘Worlds Elderly ‘Day. Senior Citizens are the roots of the tree. They are also known as the transmitter of the knowledge.

To honour our senior citizens ,JSPM’S Cygnet Public School’s primary section visited the old age home “Dagdu Seth Halwai Pita Shree Vrudhashram”. Children of primary section performed many cultural programe in for our precious senior citizens. It was an amazing experience to spend time with them. They were very happy by spending time with little champs. Inspirational information was given by the Mrs. Varsha Kokil principal of the Cygnet public school & Jr. Collage.


Report On Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalama’s Birth Anniversary

In Urdu “Kalam” means “Talking meaningful” The great Dr. Kalam was all about knowledge learning and teaching. His life’s most important message may be summed up in this quote. “ A person may not be in one profession all his life but all the people of this world can be students all their lifetime “ His birthday is celebrated as “World Student Day “ .

JSPM’s Cygnet Public School celebrated his birth anniversary with great enthusiasm. Students gave speech on the life of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. His contribution for our country is fabulous. It cannot be expressed in words. This programme was inspired by Mrs.Varsha Kokil, Principal Cygnet public school & Jr. College.

APJ kalam


Swachata Abhiyan is a cleanliness campaign initiated by the Hon. PM Mr. Narendra Modi, on 145th birth anniversary of Gandhiji i.e 2nd of Oct. 2014 at “Raj Ghat”, New Delhi.It is run by the Government of India paying homage to one of Mahatma Gandhiji’s tenets “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. It is the most important topic which our students must know and be aware of.

Teachers and students of CPS pre-primary section also joined this ‘Clean India Campaign’ very actively with great fervor and joy. Principal, Mrs. Varsha Kokil, appreciated the efforts of the students and encouraged them to continue this work with same enthusiasm in future also.



The pre-primary section of CPS celebrated its 10th Annual Sports Day on 9th Oct. 2015. This year the Sports Day witnessed a thrilling performance and hard work put up by all our students. The program began with lighting of the lamp followed by the release of balloons, declaring the meet open by The Chief Guest, Dr. V. A. Bugade Sir, The Campus Director of the Hadapsar branch and Mrs. Anita Khatke, Principal of JSIMR Hadapsar .It was full of colours and gaiety as parents, teachers and students mingled and thronged the school ground for the sports day function.

It was delightful to see young enthusiasts move naturally to the rhythm while performing “Umbrella drill”. This was followed by the different types of races like: Scooty race,Lemon &Spoon,Going to the market and many more.

The parents were entertained and excited to see their children participate happily in fun races. The entire field resonated with a loud cheer and applause as the children performed the grand finale. The program culminated with warm words of encouragement by Our Principal

Mrs. Varsha Kokil. The objective of this Sports Day was to develop in the students a sporting spirit and to display their physical strength. The program was concluded by congratulating and boosting the spirits of little ones by awarding medals.


annual sport day

PRE-PRIMARY Green Day Celebration

Pre-primary section of Cygnet Public School celebrated Green Colour Day on 25th Sept. 2015. Children wore Green colour outfits. All classes performed green colour group activity and all children participated in it. Teachers introduced green colour theme like Trees, leaves, green vegetables, green fruits and related green colour with nature and gave message to save nature and “Go Green”. The motive of celebrating this green colour day was to make children aware of green colour and to develop fine motor skills.



The Rhymes and Shloka recitation competition for pre-primary section was held on 15th Sept. 2015 at Cygnet Public School. The tiny tots recited the rhymes and shlokas with great enthusiasm and immense confidence keeping in mind the rhythm, presentation, pronunciation, clarity, action and expressions.

The students recited the rhymes like “Ten little fingers, Johnny Johnny, Teddy bear” and shlokas like “Gurur bramha, Gayatri mantra,etc.”. The judges judged the event and gave awards to the winners.



Pre-primary wing of Cygnet Public School celebrated Janmashtami festival on

Tuesday, 8th September 2015. Children came brightly dressed in, as Krishna & Radha and other colourful attires. They looked adorable in the traditional outfits. The premises were decorated with buntings, flowers, etc. The entire area was transformed into a land of joy, celebration and happiness. Teachers encouraged students to imbibe the principles and teachings of Lord Krishna in day-to-day life.

The festival was celebrated with great zeal and pomp.



The students of CPS pre-primary section celebrated the festival of Navratri on 19th Oct. 2015. Children were dressed up in traditional attires. The children were taken outdoor where they played “Dandiya” as well as “Garba” on “Gujarati” folk music.

A teacher explained the significance of this festival to the students. Teachers performed Durga pooja and the students offered prayers. This festival is full of lights, joy and festivity. It was good to watch the little ones enjoying themselves while dancing. The festival was celebrated with great pomp.


Rakhi Making Competition

In Sanskrit literally Raksha Bandhan means “The tie or knot of protection.” It is an ancient Hindu festival that ritually celebrate the love and duty between sisters and their brothers. In Rakhi ceremony, sister prays to express her love and wish for the well being of her brother. JSPM’s Cygnet Public School organized Rakhi Making competition on 28/08/15. Students from Std II to V participated in the competition and made colorful Rakhis . Principal of Cygnet Public School and Jr. college Mrs Varsha Kokil spoke to the students about the importance of the festival.



  The pre-primary section of CPS celebrated ‘Orange Day’ on 5th Oct. 2015 with great gusto. The objective of this event was to acquaint the students with the concept of the colour and objects related to it. Orange stimulates enthusiasm, creativity, hope and prosperity. It is a dynamic colour, a combination of red and yellow.
The students performed the activity of drawing and colouring the fruit “Orange” and also collaged the picture of pumpkin. The classrooms and corridors were decorated with orange coloured balloons and ribbons. To mark this day, students and teachers were also dressed up in orange coloured dresses. The entire school was vibrantly decked up according to the theme.

orange day celebration

Krishna Janmashtami

Janmashtami was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Cygnet Public School by dressing Radha and Krishna. Janmashtami is one of the most popular Hindu Festival and celebrated with great enthusiasm. Krishna represents Brahman or God consciousness. Krishna avatar is synonymous with ‘Tapas‘ (Abhyasa) or hardwork. Krishna born as the eighth child of Devaki represents tapas of eight limbs of Yoga. Students of Std V enacted the roles of Lord Shri Krishna,Kansa and Gopikas amongst many other characters related to Gokulashtami.They won the heart of the audience by enacting various roles of Shri Krishna from childhood Nathkhat Bansi ,Makhan chor. Fun and frolic marked the presentation .The children worked very hard for weeks under the guidance of the teachers. Principal of Cygnet Public School & Jr. College Mrs. Varsha Kokil admired the students for their enthusiasm and hard work.



The students of pre-primary section celebrated rakshabandhan(the bond of protection) on 28th August 2015. On this auspicious occasion, children were dressed in traditional attire and expressed their love for their siblings. A special assembly was conducted where teachers discussed the significance of the festival with the children. All the students made “rakhis” for their siblings with great creativity. The best of students handmade “rakhis” were displayed on the soft board. Everyone enjoyed the Rakhi celebration.


Mono Act

“The best acting is instinctive .It is not intellectual, its not mechanical.”

-Craig Mac Donald

A dramatic piece performed by one person is called as -Mono Act. There is no need to wear costume according to character but each character is expressed differently. Expressions and dialogues are important in mono act. Cygnet Public School conducted mono act competition on 13th July 2015.Students of primary section from std III to std IV participated with great interest. All the teachers guided the students of their respective classes. Principal of Cygnet Public School & Junior College Mrs.Varsha Kokil encouraged teachers and students. It was nice to see many characters in one person.


Guru Purnima

Sant Kabir has rightly stated these lines Guru ke sumiran maatr se, Nasht vighn anant Taase sarv arrambh me,Dhyawat hai sab sant. The place of Guru is very high in Indian culture and mythology. Guru is also equivalent to ‘Tridev’ .We are also aware of Sandipani Rushi, Eklavya. The student of Cygnet Public School of Primary section celebrated Guru Purnima With great enthusiasm.Students from std I to std V performed various programmes. A student from std II -A, Achrekar Malhar gave an excellent speech about the importance of Guru.A delightful skit was performed by the student based on the life of Eklavya and Guru Dronacharya. The whole programme was guided by Mrs.Varsha Kokil Principal of Cygnet Public School & Junior College. Our Chief guest Mrs.Madhuri Ludbe guided us with her inspirational speech.Vote of thanks was given by Mrs.Jyoti Jha.


Investiture Ceremony

Investiture ceremony was held on the 7th July 2015 to inculcate the qualities of leadership, discipline and service .House prefect and Head Boy and Head Girl took an oath to carry out their duties and responsibilities with excellence and receive their badges during the investiture ceremony . The school choir was presented the Welcome song. Ceremony was inaugurated with lighting of the lamp. Mrs. Varsha Kokil principal of Cygnet Public School and Jr. college felicitated the chief guest Dr.Hukkeri, the principal of the D.Pharmacy . Dr.Hukkeri gave an inspirational speech. The Head boy and Head girl took oath to be honest, dedicated ,unbiased in carrying on their duties .The solemn ceremony of Investiture was finally concluded with singing of National Anthem..



Students of Cygnet Public School experienced the thrill of Parasailing Cygnet Public School & Jr. College had organized demo of parasailing for the students. Sqd Ldr. Mr. Kaushik explained brief details of Parasailing. Parasailing is a safe adventure sport. Students were excited to fly with the help of Parachute.



On 12th Sept, students of Cygnet Public school got the opportunity to visit Ayodhya charitable trust’s deaf & dumb school. This visit made the students realize the hardship that those students have to go through and how they overcome it. The students & teachers were welcomed by Mr. Ghatke who is the principal of the school. He gave the requisite information about the training of the students over there. The students of Cygnet Public School also interacted with the teachers of school & the students presents & gave gifts to the students of the trust. Mr. Ghatke also encouraged students to bring awareness in society for the education of deaf & dumb children. This visit has given the opportunity to Cygnet Public School students to understand those with special needs and how people in the society can be helped. This indispensable visit was only possible by the support of campus director Dr. Bugde sir, Principal Mrs. Varsha Kokil.


Cygnofest- A Cognocultural Event

Cygnofest-A Cogno-cultural event was organized by JSPM’S Cygnet Public School & Jr. College. Mrs. Minakshi Raut, Chief Education Officer & Secretary, XI Online Admission Committee was the chief guest for the function in presence of Dr.V.A Bugade, Campus Director, Hadapsar Campus. Mrs. Raut Praised the School for organizing the competition and complimented students. Mr. Govind Gujar faculty, DSK international Campus, Prof. Umape JSIMR, Prof. Nikam JSMR , Mr.Udayraj Suryawanshi Balewadi Idol, Prof. Jayashri Dhavale JS Poly, Prof. Sarita Thorat J.S.Poly &Mr. Nandkumar renowned artist, judged the various competitions. Fifteen Schools & colleges from Hadapsar, Pune participated in the competition. Miss Jyonita Deshmukh RJ, Radio Mirchi &Mrs. Vidya Pawar, Principal, Rayat Shikshan Sanstha were the chief guest for prize distribution ceremony.


Ganesh Idol Making

Ganesh Idol making workshop by Times of India was organized in CPS & JC on 15th Cygnet Public School & JC College organizes various competitions for all round development of students. School had organized drawing competition & Ganapati Idol making workshop in association with Times of India. Mr. Mayur from Times of India guided the students .Students were excited to make eco friendly Ganapati. Parents thanked school for organizing the event.


Teacher’s Medical Check Up

Healthy Body Has Healthy Mind

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, Cygnet Public School & Jr. College organized

medical checkup for teachers.

In the fast pace of life the health is mostly neglected which further leads to the

various medical problems in future. So to take the preventive measures, the

Cygnet Public School in coordination with Noble Hospital, Hadapsar organized

the medical checkup camp which included -E.C.G, B.p., sugar & general check

Dr.Girish Bhosale, Dr.Needa, Dr.Sandeep Ghute & their team conducted tests &

check up. The teachers of Cygnet Public School expressed the feeling of

gratitude to Dr.Dilip Mane,the M.D. of Noble Hospitat.

School Principal Mrs.Varsha Kokil, Campus Director Dr.V.K.Bugde Sir, Assistant

Director Prof.Sanjay sawant sir teed the path for guidance


Collage Work Competition

Collage work competition was organized on 6th August 2015 in the premises of Cygnet Public School for the students of Nursery, Jr.KG and Sr.KG in which students took part in a large number and with Great Spirit. This competition provided an opportunity to showcase their talent and creativity. The   atmosphere was full of ideas, thoughts and colours.

 Competition seeks to motivate and reward the winners.



On 15th August 1947, Jawaharlal Nehru, who had become the first Prime Minister of India, raised the Indian National flag at Red Fort in Delhi. As our country celebrates the 69thIndian Independence Day on 15thAugust, the pre –primary section of Cygnet Public School also celebrated the day. The students walked into the school and found it decked with tri-colour balloons, festoons and everything that gave a feeling of   joy, festivity, celebration and belongingness.

             All the students were dressed up in white kurta pajama and great leaders attire. Teachers gave speech to enlighten and encourage the students as to why we celebrate our Independence Day each year. Students along with the teachers sang the national anthem and patriotic songs.

            The programme concluded with the words resonating ‘BHARAT MATA KI JAI’. each student went back home with a smile on their face. Sweets were distributed to  students


Elocution competition

Elocution is an art that helps to  build listening, speaking and communication skills of students. This inculcates public speaking qualities.

In JSPM Cygnet Public School, elocution competition was held on 24.08.2015 in Primary Section. Students from std I to std V took part with a great interest. All the teachers of respective classes encouraged their children to participate in the competition. Different topics were given to different classes. All the students from std I to std III showed their interest in the competition. Teachers were amazed to listen their collection of words and the presentation skill showed by the children. The competition was guided by Mrs.Varsha kokil Principal of Cygnet Public School & Jr. College.

At last we can say that Elocution helps us to overcome shyness and stage fright.


Poster painting

“Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Pablo Picasso

Posters are designed to be both eye catching and informative. Posters are also used for  reproduction of art  work.

Primary section of JSPM’s  Cygnet Public School organized poster painting competition on 25th September. Different topics were given to  the students. Students from std III to std V took part and drew very nice paintings. It was  an amazing experience for students as well as teachers to see the different kinds of paintings with a nice theme. The competition was guided by Mrs.Varsha Kokil Principal of Cygnet Public School & Junior College.



“Swarbharati Interschool Singing Competition” was held on Wednesday, 26/08/2015 in the Bharati Vidyapeeth English Medium High school at Dhanakwadi. It was a lovely and festive day with 30 to 35 schools participating and everyone enjoying themselves immensely. The hall was filled to the semi-classical singing competition. Students of Cygnet Public School participated and bagged fourth prize.

Mr. Prasad Ingle and Mr.Navnath Phadtare  guided the students. We are thankful to Principal Mrs.Varsha Kokil, Campus Director Mr. Bugade Sir and Asst.Campus director Mr.Sanjay Sawant for encouraging the students.


Independence Day Report

Another occasion of celebration for Cygnet Public School was 69th Independence day. Remembering the great freedom fighters – Rani Lakshmi bai, Sardar vallabh Bhai Patel made the students realize their sacrifice and importance of freedom.

Cygnet Public School organized the Independence Day celebration in which all the institutes of Hadapasar branch of JSPM were invited. The celebration started with the flag hosting by chief guests Dr.V.A. Bugde  & Prof. Sanjay Sawant, followed by national anthem.

JPS students gave performance on song ‘Jagi ghum ware’ & dance on song Vande Mataram. This further lead to more entertainment & patriotism when students of CPS performed song & dance on ‘Ho jao tayar sathiyo’. Breath taking pyramid was formed by the school students which enthralled all presenties.

The presence of chief guests & their encouraging words for all students lead the enlightened path for future.


Patriotic Song Competition

Bhagat Singh, Vir Savarkar, Tilak & Father of  Nation – Mahatma Gandhi fought for country’s freedom, which we enjoy now.

            Inter house Patriotic song & dance competition was held on 13th August 2015for classes III to VIII.

            The sacrifice of great martyrs, freedom fighters & jawans was remembered. The students performed wonderstruck dances with their house wise coir group.

            The competition brought forward the dance & music talents of students.

            Competition got over with the declaration of result by the judges Dr. Madhuri Yadav, Professor of B.Ed College, Suvrna Patil & Smt. Sangita patil Head of the Pre-primary section


Poster Making Report

Posters have always inspired many thoughts & has been inspired from various events. Some of the famous posters were of World War II “We can do it” or of “Moulin Rouge- La Goulue” or a poster showing Bureau special saying –“vacation at home”.

The poster making competition was organized at Cygnet Public School & Jr. College on 30th July, 2015 for Std VI to IX.  Topics for the competition were ‘Independence Day’, ‘Our Festivals’, ‘Save Girl Child’ & ‘Scenery’. Participants loved painting & drawing. They discovered ecstasy in colorful world. Judge Mrs. Pallavi Deovare selected the winners.


Investiture Ceremony

Cygnet Public School, Hadapasar held the formal ceremony of conferring the authority and responsibility to the students from secondary and higher secondary section. The ceremony began with unfurling the school flag by the campus director Mr. V.A. Bugde sir followed by welcome song sung by a group of secondary students. Head Boy Manthan Jagdale and Head Girl Mahek Mishra along with House captains, sports captains and discipline captains were honoured with badges and sashes by the respected chief guest Mr. Sandip Patil Assistant Commandant CRPF, Mrs. Varsha Kokil Principal of Cygnet Public School & Jr. College, Vice Principal Mrs. Kalpana Nilakhe and Headmistress Sangita Patil.

The student’s council took the oath to hold the school motto of Discipline, Loyalty, Truth and Determination in high esteem.

Honorable chief guest Mr. Sandip Patil stressed on the need to become more focused in their goals and to inculcate leadership quality and moral values to become a better person in their life. Principal Mrs. Varsha Kokil reminded them about the four D’s which stands or Discipline, Determination, Development and decision. She also congratulated to all elected members of student council .She also make them aware about the responsibility of the position & towards their school also. ‘Students can be the leaders of nation in future’ – CPS held its Investiture ceremony to bestow the deserving students of senior wing.



Guru purnima was celebrated on 31st July 2015 with variety of programmes in the school auditorium. The Parampara of Guru-Shishya relationship is followed since the ancient times, continuing this tradition CPS pre-primary section celebrated Guru Purnima day.

It is the day to celebrate and acknowledge one’s Gurus, those who remove our inner fear or darkness . Students honored all the teachers with flowers. Teachers explained the significance of the day through speech and reciting the Guru-Shlokas,

“ ll GururBramhaa  GururVishnu  GuruDevo Maheshwara

Guruh-Sakshat  Parabramha Tasmai ShriGurve Namah ll ”



“I see I forget

I do I learn”

Students of Cygnet Public school & Jr. College experienced this in ‘scientific Toy Making Workshop’ at IUCAA on 28th July 2015.

Mr. Rupner showed students how to make toys from things which we consider as waste.  He showed them many experiments like generation of electricity, reflection of sound waves using waste material like rubber, glass, pen, wires etc. Teacher

Mr. Dattatray Rajiwade & Mrs. Trupti Dhadnekar guided the students


Rainbow Celebration

Students as well as teachers of CPS Pre-primary section came dressed in various colors of the rainbow and celebrated “The Rainbow Day” with great pomp. Students brought colorful umbrellas and performed drill. Students were explained the importance of each color in the rainbow. Coloring activity was organized for the students. This activity enabled the children to learn the colors of the rainbow and enjoy coloring at the same time. It was a fun-filled activity. The students were cheerful in multi-colored clothes.

                  Our Principal Mrs. Varsha Kokil appreciated the tiny tots for the wonderful performance.   



Students of Cygnet Public School from the Pre- primary and Primary section celebrated Palkhi celebration with full enthusiasm.  They were dressed up as varkaris. Boys brought Flags and ‘taal’, girls brought Tulsi vrindavan’. They sang devotional songs during the procession. Mrs.Varsha Kokil , principal performed pooja. Sweets were distributed among the students as prasad. Students of Pre-primary section gave the message of ‘Save trees’. Students of primary section performed dance on a song which expressed the importance of Lord Vitthala.

          Campus Director Dr. V.A Bugade Sir, Asst. Campus Director Mr. Sanjay Sawant sir was present for the programme.



                       Competition is always good thing as it encourages us to do our best. Elocution is the art of public speaking in which voice production, gesture and delivery are emphasized.

                       On 16th July 2015 students of CPS from Pre-Primary Section actively participated in the competition which was judged by Mrs.Rama Kapdi. Competition of “My Self’’ was organized for the Nursery students  while for students of JR.KG & SR.KG the topic was “My School’’

                       This competition helped to boost the confidence level of the students and help to remove the stage fear. It was new experience for the students.




Eid-ul-fitr is a festival of prayer, joy, happiness and brotherhood. At CPS pre-primary section, Eid was celebrated with great fervor and excitement. The celebration began with an informative presentation in which the meaning, purpose and importance of Eid was explained to the students.

          The CPS pre-primary section celebrated Eid with enthusiasm. The children of Nursery, Jr.KG and Sr.KG came dressed in traditional attire and learnt how to meet and greet friends and relatives and how to offer them sweet delicacies on Eid.



Students of Cygnet Public School passed M.T.S.E. exam with flying colors.

Master Abhishek Bansode from class IX bagged consolation prize. School takes special efforts for students appearing for competitive exams.

Many students passed the exam with distinction & first class. Mrs.Shubhada Kolte, Mrs.Yogita Kulkarni, Mr. Mangesh Chate & Mr. Satyajit Jadhav guided and coached the   students for MTS exam.


Mono Act Competition

Geral Dickens has shown in “A Christmas Carol” how mono acting can hold the audience and their response to the actor & his/her acting.

This year Cygnet Public School has introduced the Mono Act competition for students of std VI to VIII on 10th July. Students performed various acts under the guidance of Mrs. Varsha Kulkarni & Neeta Sawant.  There was a good response & enthusiasm in the students.

Many students with good potential of a one-man-show were discovered by the judges Varsha Kulkarni & Mrs. Pallavi Deore.


Election of students Council

Democracy is the rule for the people, of the people & by the people- Lincoln.

Being in the highest democratic country each person has the right to vote. Students of Cygnet Public School & Jr. College voted for student council.

Contestants and their supporters both were excited for the elections. The campaigning was going on for a week. Students from each house got the opportunity to select their house captains and Vice Captains.

The elections gave insight to the young budding voters to the process of voting and its importance.



To keep teachers updated with their skills & to introduce them to the new changes coming up in the languages over the years, the school had organized an orientation programme by Viva Education Society.

The teachers from primary & secondary section got an opportunity to test themselves & enhance their linguistic skills. The seminar was conducted by Ms. Shilpa Chougale, she is a school consultant & a Transformatonal Trainer to 4 schools, training teachers from Jr.KG to Jr. College, where she is implementing the ABT based module to change the attitude of the teachers. She uses transformational tools such a Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic programming and coaching to bring about healing. Shilpa is an Arts Based Therapist from World Centre for creative Learning Foundation.

Various group activities have been conducted during the session like how to carry on work among students within the desired time limit. Games on figures of speech and how to introduce oneself were conducted.

The overall session was carried with development and enhancement among all the teachers


Yoga Orientation

The way of life. It has been ages that our yogis gave gifted us with the life’s best gift i.e. Yoga.

This should also be included in our younger generation, to understand the basics of yoga. Mr. Lokhnade has taken an orientation programme for students of X & XII. During the session he explained the students the importance of yoga, how they can improve their concentration and their physical & mental health. This would help them to be successful & better person.

Various asanas like Pranayam and Anulom- Vilom were taught & experienced. He also explained the proper eating & drinking habits & basics of it, during the yoga orientation, students were benefitted both spiritually & physically.



Good reading leads you to the path of knowledge. Famous authors like Thomas Hardy, Somerset Maugham, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Rabindra Nath Tagore & Premchand have enlightened the way of literature. Student life is the time when we can nurture the habit of good reading.

For the development of their linguistic skills and to broaden their knowledge of literature, essay writing competition was held at Cygnet Public School on 29th June 2015. Students from STD VI to IX participated in the competition. Each class was given different topics.

The competition was held under the guidance of Principal Mrs. Varsha Kokil & Vice Principal Mrs. Kalpana Nilakhe. The selection Panel included Mr. Kale, Mrs.Pratima Paul, Mrs. Deepali Shitole & Mrs Priya Admuthe to select the best participants from each group.



The academic year has started and it is now the time of interaction between parents & teachers. On Saturday 27th June’15 Parent Teacher Meeting was held for all the three sections. Meeting was held to discuss about the various activities that will be held in school for the year.

Parents have been told about the various competitive & scholarship exams. PTA members were also elected in the meeting. The meeting headed towards healthy discussion between parents & teachers and thereby, collaboration teamwork will be implemented to meet the goals. Suggestions have been received from the parents. Parents appreciated and thanked to school for introducing Sanskrit &Karate; they also congratulated teachers for 100% result in S.S.C. & H.S.C. exam



“Health Is Wealth” and such a wealth is treasure for lifetime. This can be presented by taking care of one’s body which we are blessed with. We are blessed by our yogis from thousands of years to gift us yoga. Yoga guru “Patanjali” showed us the path of yoga.

21ST June is celebrated as the World Yoga day and at Cygnet Public School we celebrated this day. Ms. Samina Khan our higher secondary teacher told the importance of yoga to students.

Physical education teacher Ms.Nisha Thorat has been giving training to students about “ yoga”. Students in school have been practicing yoga. This will help them to prepare and develop themselves for better tomorrow.



Each day should be welcomed with new hopes, new admirations and all new aspirations, so was the welcome of new session in Cygnet Public School on 15th June 2015

Students delighted faces to put on new uniforms and bags showed their excitement to rejoin their school and friends. School commenced with the regular assembly. Principal mam welcomed the students. She expected students to know and throw themselves to the opportunities they will get in short. She announced various activities that school has arranged for all round development of students.

Principal also welcomed the new staff who has joined in this academic year. Assembly ended with her wishes to the students & staff. Students then dispersed in their respective classes.


Edutainment Exhibition

Grand Event of Edutainment Exhibition was held in Cygnet Public School & Jr. College, on 27th & 28th Feb 2015.The exhibition  was inaugurated by Dr.Ravi Joshi, Planning & Development Director JSPM, in presence of Dr. V.A.Bugade, Campus Director & Prof. Sanjay Sawant  Assistant Director.

            Pre-primary section was magnificently decorated with significant monuments & specialties of neighbouring states of Maharashtra like Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. Students were overjoyed to see the models of wild, domestic, pet, and aerial and water animals. The tiny tots were happy to see the doll house.

            Students of primary section dazzled the visitors with their talent. Students explained special features of Metro cities of India like Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata ad Mumbai. The school took conscious efforts to educate students by giving them information about evolution of man.

            Students of Secondary section explored scientist in them through various science & maths projects. An educative exhibition in subject like History, Geography, Marathi, Hindi, English & space science was organized by the school. Higher secondary section displayed well known power plants of Maharashtra.

              Parents enjoyed different games with delicious snacks and cold drinks. Parents appreciated efforts taken by the students & school to organize an innovative exhibition.


School Picnic

The year 2015 began with a joyful moments for the students of cygnet public school & Junior college, as the school had arranged a school picnic for the students from class VI th to IX th.

The picnic was on 10 th January 2015 at the Science Park in Chinchwad. The children were served breakfast as soon as they reached the place.

This park is a huge ocean of information regarding, scientific facts, hydroelectricity, images, automobiles industry etc. It was quite informative for students who can plan their career in this field. Later children were served lunch at Thergaon Boat Park.

The children were dropped back to school. It was a experience a good experience for the children


Spell Bee Competition

The class wise spell bee competition was conducted on 19th January 2015 by the school for the students of class VI to VIII.

60 students from different classes participated in this competition. These students were selected on the basis of the spell bee competition held in their respective classes.

It was a tough competition as each child gave his/her best. This competition was a good platform for the children to improve their pronunciation and spellings. The competition ended having 6 winners two from each class



Cygno-Fest was held on 4th Dec 2014 at ‘Cygnet Public School & Jr. College’ of Hadapsar campus.

This festival was organized at inter school and College level. It was inaugurated by Mr. Santosh Barge, P.I of interim police station Wanowrie.

Mr.Bugade, Director of Hadapsar campus inspired the participants through his valuable words.

Program was conducted under the guidence of Mrs. Kokil, the principal of Cygnet Public School & Jr. College’ and Mrs. Nilakhe, the vice Principal of Cygnet Public School & Jr. College’.

This event was co-ordinated by Miss. Samina Khan.

Cyno-Fest event revealed the hidden talents of students through various competitions like Poster Making, Street Play & Mad Ad World.

Prize distribution ceremony was organized at the end of the event. Trophies were given to the winners by Dr. Madhuri Ludbe, the Principal of B.Ed College, Hadapsar Campus


Sports Day

Annual Sports meet was organised with great sportsmanship and vigour on 28th November 2014 in ‘Cygnet Public School & Junior College’.

Mrs. Varsha Rani Patil P. I. Hadapsar Police Station was the chief guest for the meet.

Principal Mrs. Varsha Kokil Felicitated the chief guest.

Programme was inaugurated by lighting of Mashal torch which symbolises spirit of sportsmanship.

Sports captains Atarva Jagtap and Siddhi Khaire carried the torch.

Students of four houses Blue, Green, Red and Yellow saluted the guest.

Students displayed skills in lezim and pyramid. Audiences were captivated by the performance of the students.

Students contested against each other in various games.

Students were encouraged by giving away trophies and medals for their performance in – Kho-Kho, Throw ball, Foot ball, Cricket, Athletics etc.

Blue house won the trophy for best march past.

Mrs. Varsha Rani Patil praised school for giving platform to the students so that they can exceed in all fields of life.

Programme ended with JSPM song followed by Vande Mataram


Inter School Drawing Competition

JSPM’s Prodigy Public School Wagholi had organised an Inter School Drawing Competition. Students of class V to IX from different schools of Pune participated in this competition. Ms. Sakshi Khot from Cygnet Public School & Junior college bagged the first prize and Ms. Suvela Kalshetty was given the consolation prize.

Ms. Manisha Chavan motivated and guided the students.

The chief guest Dr. A. G. Kharat appreciated the students for their participation & dedication.