Contingent of 50 students of ‘Cygnet Public School & Junior College’ along with subject teachers visited IUCCA, Pune on 11th November 2014.

Objective of the visit was to make the students aware about the practical concepts of scientific phenomenon and its applications.

Students visited Arvind Gupta Sir’s scientific toy gallery in IUCCA where-in hundreds of toys working on scientific concepts were displayed and demonstrated by the instructors.

There was an interactive session between the instructor and the students. Dr. Helen from Cambridge University, visiting scientists, IUCCA had an interacted with the students regarding Sun and its existence.

Instructors in IUCCA explained and demonstrated the various experiments and scientific toys in a simple and adaptable way to the students. This visit made the little scientists to involve themselves in the ‘World of Science’.

Mrs. Harshada & Mr. Rajwade put in their best efforts to make this visit a memorable one.

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