Primary & Secondary Section


Cygnet Public School & Junior College follows State Board Curriculum which is being designed by the renowned experts and educationalist of India the details of syllabi are as follows:


Teaching Methodology


Every subject has a set of objectives to be achieved by students. Teachers of Cygnet Public School & Junior College use various divergent teaching methods so that students enjoy learning. We use students centric methods to maximize the learning .Various teaching methods are combined .i.e eclectic methods  in the class rooms.

Maths & Science:

  • The mission of the mathematics program is to provide high quality education in pure and applied mathematics in order to prepare students for graduate studies or professional careers in mathematical sciences and related fields.
  •  Mathematics is pure Language- the language of science. it is unique among languages in its ability to provide precise expression for every thought or concept that can be formulated in its terms.

Social Science:

    • The Social Science general education program assists students in acquiring empirical knowledge of those aspects of human experience that are social, political, economic, and psychological.

                     Objectives of The social Science are :-

    • To Foster intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and logical reasoning.
    • To Develop knowledge of quantitative and qualitative methods for understanding human behavior.
    • To Provide an introductory understanding of the structures and processes of social institutions and individual behavior within cultures.


In accordance with National Curriculum framework 2005, Cygnet Public School & Junior College has adopted Continuous, Comprehensive Evaluation System.

Student’s evaluation is done through various tools and teachings – These are as follows

Jr College


We have Junior College (XI & XII)  for Science & Commerce Stream.
The Subjects Offered are
XI & XII Sci. XI & XII Com.
English English
Hindi or Marathi or Information Technology Hindi or Marathi or Information Technology
Physics Secretarial Practice
Chemistry Book Keeping & Accountancy
Maths or Biology Economics
Geography or Biology Organization of Commerce